3D NLS Systems

Author:Sally  UpdateTime:2016-01-08
The Institute of Practical Psychophysics continues the search of new methods of investigation on the basis of non-linear analysis systems. The results are very promising.
Differing from computer tomography and NMR, NLS analysis does not require fields of high intensity.
Inventing of a new generation of computer non-linear scanners for 3d nls systems, in which multidimensional virtual visualization of investigated object is applied, allowed to increase significantly the efficiency of NLS method itself and extend its field of application. The peculiarity of NLS multidimensional visualization is initially multidimensional character scanning.     
The results of such scanning represent a single array, which facilitate reconstruction of multidimensional virtual pictures of anatomic structures of the investigated object. As a result virtual NLS can be widely used, in particular for angiographic studies with three-dimensional reconstruction of vascular structures.


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