3D-NLS Can Help You Diagnose Breast Disease

Author:Sally  UpdateTime:2016-01-11
3D-NLS is an informative, radiologically safe method of purulent-destructive lungs and pleura diseases diagnostics, allowing to not only acquire additional information, but to carry out primary examination and dynamic monitoring.
NLS-reseach of pathological changes in a lung is diverse and depends, first of all, on focal or diffuse character of lung affection. Analysis of NLS-picture makes possible to define a character and severity a purulent-destructive process in a lung (acute purulent or gangrenous abscess, abscess forming pneumonia, gangrene), its spreading to pleural cavity (empyema, pyopneumothorax). The common factor, which determines NLS-picture of purulent cavity at abscess and abscess forming pneumonia, is a condition of its spontaneous drainage, which is evaluated by quantity and character of distribution of achromogenic air areas in a cavity. The main symptom of pleural empyema is a presence of a thick chromogeneous suspension in pleural fluid; at pyopneumothorax achromogenic air areas appear. NLS-reseach of gangrene is quite diverse due to the greatest severity of destructive changes and is formed by focal and diffuse changes in a lung, although its clinical course may be characterized by prevalence of one of these variants.


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