3D-NLS’s Applications In The Hepatobiliary System

Author:Sally  UpdateTime:2016-01-12

3D-NLS is an all purpose screening diagnostics method of hepatobiliary system organs diseases. This is a new highprecision technological effective special research method targeted at solution of clearly marked clinical problem. In the present time the methods of 3D-NLS research allow more demonstrable presentation of received results and it makes easier to interpret them by clinicians.

 3D-NLS expands opportunities of the common 2D NLS-research due to space pattern and cross-sections previously not available for examination. The use of specific data (especially on the stage of application of the new technique) does not exclude the use of generally accepted algorithm of patient examination but it allows more accurate interpretation of the obtained results. Given technique may be used at an early stage of patient examination because of its availability, relative low-price of the research systems and saving of the time needed for drawing of the conclusion.

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