Application Of 3D-NLS In Pancreatic Neoplasms

Author:Sally  UpdateTime:2016-01-10
Application of 3D-NLS with SEA allows to:
- carry out more precise differential diagnostics between benign and malignant nature of detected pancreatic neoplasms;
- define clearly indications for extended diagnostics (evaluation of spectral similarity with oncological markers) in order to exclude tumorous affection of pancreas;
- exclude in some cases duplicating radiologic methods (MSCT and MRCG), which optimizes diagnostic algorithm of patients examination;
- decrease a risk of complications development, related to using of invasive methods of diagnostics (ERCPG, needle biopsy);
- choose treatment tactics in proper time;
- ensure dynamic monitoring in a diagnostic department for patients from pancreas tumor development risk group.
In order to exclude a possibility of tumorous process development in pancreas all patients with diagnosed chronic pseudo-tumor-like pancreatitis and moderate increasing of tumor markers level are recommended to use 3D-NLS.


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