Some Information About Biophilia Tracker

Author:Sally  UpdateTime:2020-09-16
The Biophilia Tracker uses the most advanced Bioresonance NLS Analysis technology today. Modern day research on energy fields around plants and animals has concluded that there exist extremely weak, frequency specific, vortex magnetic fields around biological systems. People have utilized this knowledge for thousands of years in the ancient disciplines of the Chakra traditions, the Chinese Medicine traditions and others.
The Biophilia Tracker performs biofield analysis for organ biofield, the cellular biofield level, chromosomal biofield level and microorganism biofield level. Others have characterized the accuracy of the Biophilia Tracker to have an accuracy between 95- 96%.
The principles of the Biophilia Tracker have their origins in bioresonance research that started in the 1950's by scientists in the USA, Japan and Russia. Since that time, hundreds of millions of dollars have been channeled into testing and improving the technology to its current levels of excellence. The database that lies at the heart of the Biophilia Tracker contains exclusive information resulting from Russian developers examining and treating over 100,000 patients with over 1,000 health issues.
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